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Welcome to the anthill

Myrstack is the Swedish word for anthill (literally ant-stack), and a small software company operating out of The Internet/Kalmar, Sweden. It’s also a bit of wordplay, attempting to combine our love for technology with the many virtues embodied by our industrious spirit insects. This is the same thing we do at work - we aspire to do great engineering while maintaining a sense of fun and playfulness. More concretely, we do consulting as well as some in-house product development of our own.

Like the anthills that inspired our name, we work with the complex and intricate software systems that power our increasingly global society. Here at Myrstack we love a good challenge, and we thrive around high stakes, large scales and meaningful problems. This means we move a lot in the financial world, but we’re happy to work with anyone with an appreciation for quality. We’re generalists and problem-solvers with a deep understanding of modern development methodologies & technology. Be it mobile applications, websites or cloud services, we’ll build it, and we’ll keep it humming along safely, too.

We get excited about technology, but technology can get pretty complicated - especially at scale. The core of our philosophy is to put the human first, making the complex into something understandable, and the boring and tedious into something simple and delightful. We take a holistic approach to software engineering, where development, architecture, DevOps and infrastructure come together to create a truly efficient and ergonomic work environment, where you can focus on the “what” and “why”, instead of the “how”. Our mission is taming technology and making sure that developers and product organisations alike can focus on solving meaningful problems, instead of wrangling technical complexity.

Are you a worker ant?

If you’re a potential colleague we can help you grow your skills in a caring and close-knit environment. We started this company because we wanted a great place to work, and we’d love to share it with you if you want to help us build it. Come over to our careers page and tell us about yourself!

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