End-to-end Digital Solutions

Frontend, backend, infra & ops - if you don't know what that means, don't worry! We're your one-stop-shop for anything digital, and we'll help you get your idea onto the devices of happy users all over the world. And if you're already a pro with an established software delivery chain, we'll slot right into your stack like happy little worker ants.

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Modern solutions for the cloud era

The cloud changed the game. No longer do you need huge data centers and IT departments to digitally transform your business. These innovations democratised software, and made it something that any business can leverage - big or small. Ready-made components in the cloud lets us develop sophisticated solutions quickly and efficiently. We can deploy it anywhere in the world without requiring any up-front investment, and the cost scales with usage, so you'll only pay for exactly what you need.

We're experts at designing systems for this new age of software, that will make the most of your resources while still delivering the stability and performance that users have come to expect. We work with all the major cloud providers, and we'll keep your data safe under its respective jurisdictions too. If you have an existing operation we can help lift it into the cloud, and if you're already there we can offer additional hands that are guaranteed to conform to industry standards and best practices.

Fullstack engineering from start to finish

From websites to heavy-duty data pipelines, we work across the entire spectrum of digital products and services. A mobile app, payment solution, or an IoT device that emails you when it's time to water the office plants, we've got you covered no matter if your idea is big or small. We can also take care of any infrastructure concerns related to ongoing operations of a digital product or service. If you already have a clear vision we'll build to specification, and if not we'll help you pick the appropriate technologies to effectively solve your problems and expand your business. We're experienced in the entire software delivery lifecycle, so we can help you talk to users and stakeholders to figure out how to fulfil their needs, and we'll advise you on cost-efficient and future-proof solutions. In a more established operation, we're happy to provide specialist services in a number of disciplines such as architecture, development, testing & infrastructure. Catch a glimpse of our key skills below.

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Some of what we actually do

  • Digitalization

  • Software Engineering

  • Cloud Native Development

  • System Architecture

  • Microservices

  • Backend Development

  • Fullstack Development 

  • Mobile Development

  • Web Development

  • Integration Development

  • Test automation

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • AWS

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Operations

  • DevOps

  • Continuous Integration / Deployment

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Some of our clients

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