Operations & Reliability

Shipping code is great, but actually keeping it running is what really matters. We'll connect you with the entire world, and make sure you stay online so they won't ever have to miss you. We've got solutions for everything from the hyperlocal mom-and-pop-shop to the global megacorp, and if you want to scale up (or down!) we'll keep you safe on every step of the way.

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Operations & Maintenance

Once your service is up, the real challenge begins. Users will be lining up, and your servers will be working hard. You need to make sure your services are reachable, but only by the right people. And you need someone to keep those pesky bugs out, too.

We take care of everything involving ongoing operations of your digital services. First of all, we'll make sure they're online anywhere and anytime they're needed. We've got experience running software of all kinds on platforms all over the world, including all the major cloud providers as well as on-premise and hybrid infrastructure setups. No matter the scale, we'll find a cost-efficient solution that fits the needs of your business.

Then there's keeping the code-base healthy. A long-lived system needs regular maintenance: updates to keep up with a changing security landscape, bug fixes, performance tuning to adapt to new usage patterns and so on. General housekeeping can help keep development costs down as well - a tidy code-base is easier to modify.

Your system is in good hands with us. We'll keep bugs and cobwebs out, and have the servers purring like kittens.

Safe & Sound

We're always keeping a watchful eye on your systems, using the latest in monitoring and observability techniques. If any problems arise we'll be all over it in minutes, and we'll have the diagnostics we need to fix it quickly too. But downtime isn't the only risk we face. You want your services to be available, but not too available. Cybersecurity is a growing concern across the world, and data protection is more important than ever both to users and regulatory bodies. We're used to working in sensitive industries like finance, with strict regulatory and security requirements. We know what it takes to keep you and your users safe, not only from service outages, but also from information security threats. All our solutions are designed with security in mind, both the software itself and the processes around it. And of course we'll also comply with applicable regulations, such as GDPR. Leave your operations to us, and we'll give you peace of mind.

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