We're always looking for skilled worker ants

Come see what life is like in the colony. We really like it here, and we think you will too.

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Explore the digital frontier

Ants are curious explorers, they go boldly into the world, even crossing oceans and colonising distant shores. We’re curious too, and we wanted somewhere we could satisfy that curiosity, and that’s why we started this company. We know, we keep going on about ants, but Myrstack is really a place for humans. We’re trying to create a workplace where we can nurture our most human tendencies - engage our sense of wonder and creativity - not suppress them.

Sounds sweet, huh? Well, of course it’s not all about that warm, fuzzy feeling in our bellies. We believe that us humans do our best work when we are intellectually engaged, and at the end of the day what this company is really about is doing some great engineering. We love technology (did we mention that already?), learning new things and challenging ourselves, we love solving hard problems, and we love doing it really well. And if you want to be the best at something, you’d better enjoy it. That’s why we want to make this company a place where you feel seen, where your ideas and passions matter, where you can put your skills to the test by solving meaningful problems, or build something completely useless just because it would be cool and you might learn something new.

We’re always open to hiring

We don’t have any specific openings, but we’re always open to hiring. Software is a broad field; whether you’re a crafty code slinger, sharp-eyed designer or something completely different, if it's software-related we can probably find something for you to do. Regardless of where you’re at in your career - or in your life - we’ll try to make a place for you in our colony if you want to help us make it great. What we ask from you is that you’ve got a decent grasp of the fundamentals, a genuine desire to hone your craft, and the willingness to learn some new things - and maybe teach us a few too!

If you think this sounds good, we’d love to get to know you. And if you think it sounds dumb, we’d love it too! We’re all about growth, and part of that is challenging our ideas with different perspectives. We’re not gonna try to sell you on the ‘family’-schtick, that’s way more important than work. What we will do is give you a place to go during the day that keeps your brain engaged and your spirits high, so you can return refreshed to the life that really matters to you. And if you’d rather do all this from home, that’s cool too.

Tell us about yourself!

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