Productivity & Quality

The work of a software engineer is never done, there’s always another ticket lurking in the backlog. Features to build, bugs to squash and technical debt to pay. Development velocity matters, to both users and stakeholders. Here at Myrstack, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Forget about adding on processes and performance metrics, delight your engineers with a productive development environment instead. Make their lives easy, and they’ll keep the features coming, because that’s what they love doing. Give them powerful tooling and pipelines, and the output will be high quality too. Let us optimize your software delivery chain, and we’ll make sure your engineering time is spent wisely.

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Developer Experience is like User Experience, but for your own devs. It’s about all the little things that make up their work days, and making sure it all goes smoothly. Code reviews, deploying updates, finding the right documentation, testing new features and so on. These things add up and make a big difference, both for the individual and for the company bottom line.

Most companies have UX designers for their users, but sadly less attention is often paid to their prized developers, and their needs sometimes get put in the proverbial backlog. All time spent on frustrating, time-consuming or unproductive activities means wasted resources for your organization, and lower job satisfaction for your developers.

Investing in developer experience has a host of benefits. Automation & tooling reduces time spent on boring busywork, and prevents costly mistakes. Better safety measures means lower uncertainty, lower risk, and lower stress. Reducing the friction when making changes means more new features go out to your users, and more cleaning up happens to keep your codebase in good shape. Happy devs stay around for longer, and they’ll do a great job too. And when your business grows and you need to hire, onboarding will be quick and painless.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to creating productive environments where developers thrive, both in corporate behemoths and fast-moving startups. We know the tools and the methods; we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and everything in between. Get in touch to hear how we can supercharge your engineering teams.


Such a nebulous term, it has a different meaning everywhere you go. Sometimes it’s a philosophy, sometimes platforms & tooling, sometimes continuous integration, and sometimes it’s the infrastructure wizards who write YAML spells to bend the Cloud to their will. Regardless of what it means in your organization, there’s a decent chance we’ve got a pretty good handle on it. The concept started out as an attempt to combine development and operations to deliver high quality software more efficiently. We're firm believers in that original philosophy, and just as comfortable writing code & tests as we are with setting up infrastructure or platform tooling. This holistic perspective means we can find and address pain points anywhere in your software delivery lifecycle. By working across the entire engineering pipeline and tech stack we can approach bottlenecks and opportunities from multiple perspectives to find effective solutions and discover unexpected synergies. If you're looking to modernize your development processes, you've come to the right place. But you're probably running a tight ship already, maybe you just need a few extra hands on deck. That's fine too, we'd love to come aboard. Get in touch and let us know what you need!

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